After-Christmas Home Junk Removal

Mc-Junk: Get A Complete Solution To All Your Junk Removed This Christmas

Are you stressed about that pile of junk accumulating at home? From dead refrigerators, cookers, microwaves to furniture, are you ready for it all to be hauled away for good? Nobody wants their home to look trashy during the holiday season. If you want to get rid of the regular trash, recycle the old items, haul the old furniture or things that you can donate, Mc-junk Junk Removal Company can help you enjoy a great, stress-free experience that’s even beyond your expectations.

After a certain point, their are just some things you need to go ahead and get rid of. As your children get older, they don’t need as many toys or “stuff” to entertain them. Furniture and appliances age and require replacement. If you at all want things moved from your home but just can’t seem to do it yourself, stop putting it off and call in professionals to remove junk from your home today.

About Mc Junk

Mc Junk is based in Raleigh NC, popularly known for their exceptional services in regards to trash and recycling. The company hires an energetic team of friendly, effective and experienced staff who are trained to handle any size of hauling projects to give you the delight and comfort you need in the entire process. With Mc-Junk, scheduling time is super easy and the staff are supper responsive and to them, every project is as unique as its owner. We are proud of the quality of customer service that we offer here, we make sure the job is 100% complete before we even think about moving on.

McJunk large appliance removalWhat To Look For In A Junk Removal Company

Safety for your home and items is very essential when junk removal time comes. You ONLY need to work with certified and accredited professionals. You need a company that provides fully equipped trucks that guarantee you the safety of your home, office or valuable items. Check if they have furniture moving traps, hand truck, ramp and pry bar. Our fully trained stuff are trained how to protect themselves when moving bulky or heavy objects and guarantee a successful move. Find a moving company that offers the best hauling services while offering the most reasonable prices. Saving money and drastically improving the appearance of your home is a win win!

Need Help With Commercial Or Residential Removal Services?

If you want to throw something away and make room for something new, contact Mc-Junk now. If you have any kind of home construction or upgrade, we can come in afterwards and clean everything up. For all your recycling, appliance removal, mattress removal and electronic waste removal, be sure to contract Mc-Junk. After Christmas, you’ll have a lot of stuff laying around that you might like to get rid of before or after the new year comes around! We’ll be here.


Raleigh Junk Removal

If you have unwanted or unneeded items at your home just give us a call or schedule online and we’ll be on our way. Our experienced, friendly, professional staff of junk removal and recycling experts will quickly and efficiently remove your junk wherever you have it. You don’t have to move it to the curb – just leave it where it is! Your junk is in the attic? No problem! We’ll bring it down for you and get it out of your space.


After we take your junk away we will sort it so that it can be directed to the most suitable facility, such as local recycling centers or charities. We collaborate with several non-profit organizations that distribute everything from food to books to clothes to furniture to those in need locally. Obviously, some junk must go to the local landfill, but as the greenest junk removal company in the Triangle we work diligently to keep it to a minimum. Read more Raleigh Junk!